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The Four Quadrants of Energy – How to Turbo charge Your Results

Do you remember those Duracell adverts? You know the ones with the cute fluffy bunnies where one of them was powered by a battery that lasted 6 x longer than the normal batteries? No? Take a look here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFxCDIYDj6g

One bunny is turbo charged, while the rest breakdown or become exhausted during the day. A great set of adverts because it reflected real life. It resonated with us and not just because of batteries. We recognised our lives, ourselves and others.

The world has got faster – well it feels like it. We are in an age of the acceleration of everything. Information is at our fingertips – what did we do before Google? Before email? And before the world-wide web? E-mails and chat from mobile devices bombard us and everywhere we walk our eyes constantly take in adverts and messages. According to one piece of research we now receive more information in one week than people did pre 1980 in a lifetime.

Perhaps that’s exaggerated but I am sure you will agree we get a lot more thrown at us than we used to (I can still remember having only 3 TV channels!).

The problem for many is that this can be overwhelming. Add it to the pace of work, high expectations, the current challenges in the economy and you can see why so many people are disengaged at work (just 28% of people are actively engaged).

With everything going on many people just don’t have the personal energy to do more than go through the motions every day. They are part of the posse of bunnies – the ones who run out of steam before their day (or race) is over. And as a result they don’t achieve their potential or the success they may crave and of which they are certainly capable.

So how can you be the one? The Duracell bunny? You may already know a few people who are just like this – one of the few people that come into work every day highly energised. They don’t let things get them down and always bounce back quickly from setbacks (the few they have).

What is different about these people? And most importantly how can you be like them?
Start by thinking about your own internal battery. How charged does it currently feel? Are you running on empty, half charge or better? Being aware of where you are now will help you in understanding what you might need to do if you want to move to a sustainable full charge.

What would you do if you had all the energy you needed to achieve everything you desired and every day?  What personal and business outcomes would you improve? How valuable would this be for you?

So how do you go and get more energy?

Energy comes from 4 distinct quadrants: –

Four Quadrants of Energy Management


  1. How much physical energy you have – the QUANTITY that you have available to draw on every day?
  2. How much mental energy you have – the FOCUS of it. Is it on the few important things or is it scattered to the 4 winds as you try and manage or cope with everything?
  3. How much emotional energy do you have – the QUALITY of it. Is it negative or positive? For example are you wasting your energy worrying about things you can’t control or being fearful or anxious, or are you in control of your emotions?
  4. How much spiritual energy do you have – the POWER of it. Nothing to do with religion or mystic ways, and more to do with the vision you have for yourself and the meaning and purpose your life has for you. How clear is this and how committed to it are you?

Very successful people are able to tap into not just one but simultaneously into all four separate energy sources.

Now you understand where energy comes from its important to understand how you can manage each quadrant: –

  • Quantity comes from your Body – your physical side. This is about how you fuel and treat yourself. Do you eat well, hydrate at regular intervals, take exercise and get enough rest?
  • Quality comes from your Emotion – this is both emotional intelligence through building and having effective relationships and the emotions generated through your confidence, self-esteem and how much you really like yourself. This is often influenced by past experiences and the beliefs you have created for yourself.
  • Focus comes from the Mind.  You know what is important most of the time but sticking with that rather than a scattergun approach is a real challenge in today’s world. Having clear goals and plans will help, together with ruthless discipline.
  • Power comes from your Spirit.  Have a clear vision for yourself and know exactly where you are heading – commit to it and the energy will flow.

How energised do you feel? How do you best draw from the four quadrants to create the results you want?

Changing habits can be hard and if you think you or your colleagues would benefit from personal support to improve personal energy levels, we can help – contact us now about our various ‘Energy Management’ offerings.

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