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How to Make a Desk Based Job More Energising

By Mark Solomons, Managing Partner, Developing Potential

Do you have to sit at a desk for most of your working day? Spend much of the day working at your PC, answering calls and carrying out administrative duties?

If you find your energy levels waning as you go through the day or maybe don’t feel particularly engaged with your work or think that nothing really changes and you find it increasingly difficult to feel energised, then this could help.

Your body wasn’t made to sit still.  It was built for, and thrives on, movement and if it doesn’t get any this will contribute to your feelings of lethargy and even disengagement.

It seems to have become the conventional norm to sit at your desk most of the day, conducting your business by phone or email (even with people in the same room!) and you feel the need to conform and to accept this, even if you feel you might like to do things differently.  It is much easier to sit there and carry out your tasks. But doing it the same way as everyone else is not likely to get you noticed, or give you the energy you need to be highly productive and successful.

What are some simple things you can do to energise yourself and improve your business outcomes, whether personally or for all your employees?  How can you improve engagement, enjoyment, performance and results?

Firstly make sure you don’t sit at your desk all day. We know this isn’t healthy or effective. Get up regularly and do something. At least every 60 minutes you need to get up from your chair and take some exercise – and not just walking to the coffee machine and back.

Make it a habit.

  • Get up and go for a short walk around the office – stretch if you can. You may get a few looks but it will get you noticed
  • Get 5 minutes of fresh air – even with our weather!
  • When you have a message for someone else in the office get up and talk to them (no e-mails)
  • Undertake at least 5 minutes of physical activity every hour

Simple really. Don’t doubt it. It really works and is backed by research into the human body.

If you have a desk based job or one that means you carry out routine tasks and little movement – then take responsibility for your own physical action. Don’t worry what others think – take control of your own energy. Energise your day.

Managing energy not time is a key trait of very successful people.

Fully commit to try it every day for at least one week. Plan it and then really do it and your enjoyment and  results will improve.

Do you move around if you have a desk job?  Share some experiences and let us know what you think.

Changing habits can be hard and if you think you or your colleagues would benefit from personal support to improve personal energy levels, we can help – contact us now about our various ‘Energy Management’ offerings.

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