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Don’t Leave a Happy New Year to Chance

By Mark Solomons, Managing Partner, Developing Potential

If you are like most people, as we move into 2013, you have probably reviewed last year and started to set out some new goals.

While last year will probably be most remembered as a great year for British sport, and in particular the fantastic Olympic and Paralympic Games, the economic challenges many of us faced remained stubbornly in place.  Our hope is that things will improve in the coming year and although many commentators talk about real changes taking until 2018, I prefer to be optimistic.

The one thing that you can be sure of though, is if you want a different outcome then you have to take different action.

In order to do this high performing leaders ask themselves searching questions to ensure they learn from their actions and can build on them to achieve even greater success. Perhaps you already do this and if so you are one of only a small percentage of business leaders (according to research) and it is probably why you are already very successful. If not then here are some effective questions you might ask yourself about your performance

  • What were my biggest achievements in 2012?
  • What were some magic moments?
  • What roles did I have to play?
  • What were my biggest disappointments?
  • What did I learn that I can use next year to get better results (in and out of work)?

For me, as a perfectionist, one of my big learning’s this year was that imperfect action beats perfect inaction every time and I have found that taking action inevitably leads to results and even if they aren’t the ones I’d expected I learn and move on

Unfortunately, many people only focus on things that didn’t work so my suggestion is to start by thinking and learning from those things that did…as well as putting you in a great frame of mind it reminds us that we do achieve great results in some areas of our lives. You can then reflect on disappointments in a more balanced way.

The second stage is to use your reflections to plan to achieve what you want to in 2013. Ask yourself some more challenging questions.

  • What are the most significant roles I want to play in 2013?
  • What are my top 3 goals?
  • How can I make sure I achieve them? (What daily habits do I need to commit to? What do I need to start/stop doing? Who can I add to my peer group to help)?
  • Why am I absolutely 100% committed to achieving my top goals? (Non-achievement should not be an option)

Write down the goals and display them visibly – where you can see them every day. Write a plan of delivery, including the daily habits you will need and make sure you regularly review them.

Evidence from high performing leaders shows that those that write down and review their goals consistently outperform those that don’t.

When things are challenging keep coming back to your goals and why you were 100% committed to achieving them (and amend them if you are no longer committed to them). If you do this and put in the right amount of focused energy then 2013 will be a high performing year for you and you will achieve the results you want.


If you have questions or comments or would like some support in reviewing your personal or your organisation’s performance goals for this year or plans for next then just get in touch.

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