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Why Coaching is Important for Leadership Today?

Business today is at the forefront of change because it is constantly challenged to improve its performance. The speed of change, its diversity and complexity is huge and accelerating, for example, changing consumer needs, products, markets, technology, regulations and employee’s needs and aspirations. To cope with this level of change, employers and employees have to keep moving, innovating, adapting and working together to form World class teams with World leading performances.

time for changeYet today’s excellent performance will not necessarily guarantee success in tomorrow’s world. Business has to embrace a culture of high performance, continuous learning and visionary outlook. The old paradigm of a hierarchical organisation, which tells its people what to do, will find it difficult to survive in this new world. It is only through unleashing the power and potential of everyone in the organisation that success can be sustained.

An inclusive leadership/coaching style is one of the most effective ways of supporting this process.

Leaders who rely solely on their charisma or their power of persuasion have little place in today’s business world. The most successful leaders involve their people and engage both their hearts and minds. This of course requires a significant step change away from command and control thinking towards a more democratic style of leadership.

It must be added that this approach is not just philanthropy on the part of leaders but a true recognition that to harness the potential necessary for success requires the participation and commitment of everyone within an organisation.

The concept of the leader as coach has also radically altered in the last few years. In the past, many saw the business leader/coach as someone who was mainly highly supportive and caring. Although this supportive element remains, the other function of the coach as a challenger has now been more widely acknowledged. It is this balance between support and challenge that the business leader needs in order to achieve outstanding sustainable performance for individuals, teams and organisations.

What do you think? Please share your insights and thoughts on the leader as coach.


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