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Are you a leader with an interest in personal, team and/or organisational high performance and seeking outstanding results?

If the following are some of your current challenges and opportunities then you are in the right place?

  • Leaders looking to create a compelling vision and to set and achieve stretching targets?
  • Leaders who find it difficult to adapt their style to individuals and as a result do not get the most from those they lead or deliver the business and financial results needed?
  • Leaders who fail to acknowledge and praise good performance or adequately address poor performance?
  • Employees who are not fully energised and engaged?
  • An organisational culture that does not underpin sustainable high performance?
  • Talented individuals who are not fully utilised or who don’t fulfil their potential?

If you have one or more of these or similar challenges or opportunities they are likely to be costing you £…000’s every single day. Whether you are looking for a leadership programme, to develop a high performance or coaching culture, one-to one coaching or to energise and engage your teams, we have a solution to meet your needs.

At Developing Potential we have been solving these and other similar problems and improving our CLIENTS BUSINESS PERFORMANCE since 1997.

Developing Potential was founded by an Olympic Gold Medalist and pioneer of developing high performance in business and is led by people who have been successful senior leaders in corporate organisations.

We have the knowledge, experience and practical know how to make a real difference to your people and your bottom line results. We are confident in our ability to deliver what you need and can offer a performance guarantee – if we don’t meet the targets we agree with you then we will refund fees paid.

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Building Resilience: The 7 Steps to Creating Highly Successful Lives

Our passion is to help young people develop the habits they will need for successful lives and as a result we also work with young people and schools. We have developed a curriculum and other resources for them to use and to help them embed the learning needed we wrote this book.

In it you will learn the secrets of resilience – what is it, why it’s so important, why it’s falling and practical steps you can use to build it. Published in January 2015.

You can find out more about the book or order your copy here.

If you are a business who would like to find out more or get involved with our work in schools and with young people then please get in touch with us.


Most high performers in business and elite sport have a performance coach – discover the high performance secrets through our performance coaching framework.

In this framework you will find

  • The number one rule that people ignore when it comes to increasing their results through people.
  • The 8 myths of performance coaching and the mistakes that people make every single day that sabotage performance and are guaranteed to reduce results.
  • 8 steps you can follow that are guaranteed to deliver immediate improvements in any area and to your bottom line.
  • Daily actions you can take that will enable you to get others to willingly go the extra mile and increase their engagement and productivity.
  • A simple model that can be used for powerful conversations every day that will get the results you want.

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Achieve Your Olympic Gold

Looking for high performance and great results

Download our FREE Report – co-authored by Olympic Champion Darren Campbell MBE.

Based on his experience and achievements and our work with Olympians, Olympic teams, and high performing business leaders, we’ve identified 10 Steps that will take you and your organisation to Gold Medal Winning Performance.

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Inside you’ll discover what really underpins high performance and how this applies for individuals, leaders and organisations.

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What We Do

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Develop Outstanding Leaders and Leadership within your organisation through bespoke programmes for senior and middle leaders that deliver results. Find out more

High Performance Coaching underpins the most effective leadership style. Align the agenda of leaders, employees and the organisation through a direct and collaborative style that will ensure you meet your goals. Find out more

High Performance Culture ensuring your leadership values and behaviours are supported through the wider organisational framework. Find out more

One-to-One Coaching delivers real and tangible business results, which is why so many top CEOs and business leaders use a coach. Find out more

Energise and Engage Employees to willingly deliver high performance and better results, while successfully managing personal motivation, well-being and stress. Find out more

Transferring Olympian Performance into Business – If you are interested in replicating team GB’s performance in your business and whether or not you would like to use Olympians or Paralympians directly within programmes please get in touch to find out more.

We measure our work and regularly collect data on wellbeing and engagement.

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What Our Clients Say

We Work to Our Clients Agenda

Our focus is on getting the results you need and we work with business leaders to define performance objectives and agree specific targets. We then devise and agree bespoke solutions that will deliver the desired results. This is what some of our clients say about us.

“Over many years in leading teams I have worked with a number of training and development organisations. What particularly impresses me about Developing Potential is their style and manner…From start to finish the program was very high energy, very collaborative, very well structured and we achieved our ambitions and objectives”. Trevor Luker, Managing Director, Pearson

If you are looking to improve results and want to energise and engage your people then I strongly recommend you speak with Developing Potential – they really make a difference.” Kris Hemsley, Sales Director, Everything Office

“We found their engaging style and pragmatic approach to subtly inspiring managers at all levels of our business to be perfect for our needs.” Neil Grant, Head of Learning and Development, Serco

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