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Alan Blunden Ltd is a top 100 UK Insurance Broker, also incorporating ABACUS and Cover4. Over recent years the company has been highly successful, delivering significant growth in premium income across a number of established and new markets.


Developing Potential’s association with Alan Blunden began through a recommendation and started with one-to-one coaching for one of their Board directors. During early sessions the need and opportunity for greater leadership from all levels of the business became clear. The Directors recognised that the strong growth they had experienced over a number of years was unlikely to be maintained without having a greater input from their employees and senior management team and without them adopting a more inclusive leadership style. Following a full needs assessment a one-year programme was agreed.


  • To support the directors in developing an inclusive leadership style.
  • To develop leaders at all levels within the organisation and build a coaching culture throughout.
  • To support and measure the contribution of the senior management team.


The programme was delivered through an agreed combination of one-to-one coaching for all Board directors and a series of workshops for both the senior management team and their key reports.


  • The Directors have followed through on their need for change and on the actions they agreed, all supported through their personal coaching sessions – the change in their style has been measured and recognised by their employees.
  • The company has implemented an effective support and management process via monthly coaching sessions and the directors and senior management team has fully involved their teams in target setting and in identifying and resolving their own development needs.
  • Employees feel more engaged and the senior management team is taking greater responsibility for delivering the goals they have agreed. As a result employee motivation and sales performance has improved further, despite the challenging financial environment.

What they said

“As a Director of a Business it is very easy to not look at your own skills and short comings. Then I met Developing Potential and the experience has quite simply been life changing both on a professional and personal level. They have undertaken leadership and coaching development with me, which has made an immediate impact on my business and personal life. I have embarked on an eye opening journey and I am seeing benefits in my business – to the extent that Developing Potential is now working with all the Directors and they have undertaken further work with our senior management team and their reports. The skills I am learning are developing my potential beyond my expectations and I am delighted with the outcomes already achieved. We intend to work with Developing Potential for a long time to come and I know that I am undertaking a journey that is exciting, challenging and engaging.

If you choose to work with Developing Potential you will not be disappointed. Fact”.

Richard Burgess, Director, Alan Blunden Ltd

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