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Pearson is an international media company with world-leading businesses in education, business information and consumer publishing.  With 37,000 employees based in more than 60 countries, they aim to serve the citizens of the global brain-based economies, wherever and whenever they are learning, at any age, in any location – home, school or work and in any pursuit.

Work based learning is one division of Pearson that is rapidly growing.  With the resources of both Pearson and Edexcel available to them, they are uniquely placed to offer organisations and their learners an unrivalled package of education and learning solutions of their own, with a particular focus on development qualifications.


Work Based Learning grew their business significantly in 2010 in a very challenging market and way ahead of any of their competitors.  Their Managing Director, Trevor Luker, wanted to recognise this achievement as well as preparing his team for an even better 2011.  He knew that to deliver similar or higher performance in the following year would require every member of the team to further increase their own contribution.

The division had also been working towards their Investors in People award and wanted to demonstrate that they truly lived to the values and goals they set out for their people.  Over the longer term he has asked Developing Potential to work with his senior team and in the short term he wanted to hold an event to thank and engage with his full team and to encourage them to ‘Be the Best they could Be’.


We designed a bespoke event to meet their short-term needs and this will be followed up with further work in 2011.  This was through a one-day programme to inspire and further motivate his team of 65 people – to share with them the lessons of high achievement and to challenge them to put these into practice within their own lives – at work, home and in everything they do.

The programme delivers lessons from high achievers to enable delegates to develop their vision, values, goals, attitude and skills and begins with a talk from an Olympian.  As role models of high performance and as great speakers they are able to open delegates minds to trying new skills and techniques.  Leon Taylor, Olympic Silver Medallist from 2004, Great Britain’s first diving medalist since 1960 and our highest placing since a silver in 1920, the inventor of the World’s most difficult dive and currently a mentor for Tom Daly was our inspiration for this event.

There followed a range of interactive and high-energy activities that enable delegates to take these lessons and put them into practice.


  • Feedback from all delegates was outstanding – both in terms of enjoyment and motivation and more importantly being able to clearly set out learning from the day and how they would take it into their every day lives.
  • As this is a very recent event, measurement of the impact the learning has had, including performance changes is only just beginning and we will update the case study over 2011.

What they said

“Over many years in leading teams I have worked with a number of training and development organisations.  What particularly impresses me about Developing Potential is their style and the manner in which they discussed how the event would run.  From start to finish it was very high energy, very collaborative, very well structured and we achieved our ambitions and objectives”.

Trevor Luker, Managing Director, Pearson Work Based Learning

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