Rawlins Community College


Rawlins is a school for 14-19 year old students, shortly moving to provide education from age 11.  It’s vision is to be an inspirational centre of learning where children excel and the school offers outstanding opportunities in an exciting, challenging and supportive learning environment.   They aim to ensure that each student is able to flourish and achieve successes both in formal qualifications and in becoming fully prepared for life in our exciting and complex world.


Although very successful, the college asked for our support in introducing their whole staff to the concept of coaching and the benefits of this approach to improve leadership and the engagement and achievement of students.


Developing Potential has a real passion to bring the philosophy and involving style of coaching and leadership into the classroom.  Our belief is that all children have untapped abilities and moving from a didactic approach to one where the student is at the centre of education is the way forward.

Working with Callum Orr the principal of Rawlins Community College and his team we delivered a practical and interactive programme to enable all staff to understand and practice coaching through a range of activities.


Qualitative feedback from the leadership team and all delegates on the learning experience and the ability to take this learning into their every day roles has been outstanding and the college has reported a very positive impact on culture and performance.

What they said

“Having worked with Developing Potential while I was at UK athletics, I invited them to lead coaching skills development at the College. I had seen them running workshops for 12 to 18 people but this was a first with a large group. With over 150 teachers and support staff it was a considerable challenge to get everyone involved and introduce them to the concepts and practice of coaching. Their professional approach and facilitative style won the day and the feedback was really fantastic”.

Callum Orr, Principal Rawlins Community College

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