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Serco plays an integral part in the growth of organisations across a number of sectors, including medical, penal correction, education and defence and it provides advice and support on policy, process, technology and resources.


They identified a need to create a leadership culture to raise performance through an involving and inclusive style and to develop the leader as a coach. Developing Potential worked with Serco over two years to cultivate the talents of its senior and emerging leaders as part of an ongoing development programme.


  • To raise awareness for individual’s of their current style and impact and to provide them with possibilities for change, challenging them to take responsibility for raising their performance and that of their team.
  • To create an inclusive and supportive leadership culture.
  • Alignment of Vision, Values, Goals and Actions to create a high challenge/High support culture to deliver Exceptional Sustainable Performance.


A series of bespoke workshops run for senior and middle managers across the business to introduce and embed a coaching leadership style.


  • Delegate and line manager feedback indicated an overall change in leadership style and approach.
  • Performance was significantly enhanced within the teams and functions where the development took place.

What they said

“We found their engaging style and pragmatic approach to subtly inspiring managers at all levels of our business to be perfect for our needs. It was refreshing to discover that behind their flexible and agreeable nature lay a mass of valuable knowledge and the skills to impart it in an enjoyable and memorable fashion.”

Neil Grant, Former Head of Learning and Development

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