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Siemens Magnet Technology, part of the Siemens Group, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of superconducting magnets for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) body scanners, demonstrating technological leadership in their field and delivering significant growth in sales and exports. Since its introduction in the early 1980’s, MRI has quickly become accepted as the leading diagnostic imaging modality in healthcare.


The company was experiencing radical change with a rapid expansion of production creating a need for a step change in performance. The HR director, Tracey Clarke, had attended an open leadership workshop with Developing Potential and subsequently asked for a proposal to help support and challenge the directors in their personal and organisational development.


  • To create a high performing executive team.
  • To align, vision, values, goals and action.
  • To foster stronger interpersonal relationships.
  • To facilitate and support strategic development.
  • To develop high performance from individual directors through one-to-one coaching.


Over the course of two years Developing Potential worked with the senior management team of nine directors through a bespoke programme, including a range of workshops on leadership, coaching, strategic alignment and implementation, teambuilding and supported through individual one-to-one coaching.


  • The directors created a team where open dialogue became the norm and they began to live their agreed values of respect, trust, involvement and excellence.
  • As well as developing strong internal relationship, they made a major impact with their whole workforce by regular walk and talk tours of the shop floor.
  • The team agreed specific implementation strategies and monitored progress over agreed timescales.
  • At a personal level each director took responsibility for setting out and delivering against agreed objectives and feedback demonstrated a significant shift in performance.

What they said

“This was a difficult time for the company and the directors. It was to Developing Potential’s credit that they demonstrated a good balance between supporting the directors and challenging the status quo. Their enthusiasm and desire to help the team was evident in all that they did. The monthly personal one-to-one coaching sessions proved a great source of help in delivering specific projects and personal growth.”

Tracey Clarke HR Director

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