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UBS is a global firm providing financial services to private, corporate and institutional clients in the areas of Investment Banking, Asset Management, Wealth Management and Private Banking. They deliver a range of development programmes for their leadership population, including for current directors with the talent and potential to reach the very top positions within their global businesses.


One of their programme directors had seen Developing Potential deliver a workshop programme focusing on enabling individuals to ‘be the best they can be’. This was one of our Olympian experience programmes, which we run for organisations and teams, ranging from smaller groups to large events.

Involving an Olympian or Paralympian as an inspirational speaker and role model and challenging participants to set out and pursue their own dreams and goals. The programme delivers lessons from high achievers to enable delegates to develop their vision, values, goals, attitude and skills. As a result they saw an opportunity for a greater impact when launching their annual programme for their talent pool and future leaders through engaging Developing Potential.


  • To provide an inspiring opening to their annual program and to raise awareness of the qualities, attitude and skills needed to be a high achiever and great leader.
  • To prepare participants for their leadership journey and ensure they make the right choices to take responsibility for their own development.
  • To introduce how the alignment of personal and organisational goals leads to Exceptional Sustainable Performance, for both the individual and the organisation.


  • Outstanding feedback from delegates and the client.
  • More effectively preparing programme participants for the future interventions planned as part of the talent programme.
  • Use of the ‘Be the Best you can Be’ methodology with Olympian participants to support future cohorts.

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