Inspiration Events

Imagine if every member of your team were a gold medallist in his or her field, giving you their best every day.  What if you could take the experience, learning, skills and performance of an Olympian into every level of your business.

What would happen to your customer and employee satisfaction, revenue and profits if you could inspire and engage with every one of your people and support them to ‘Be the Best they can Be’.

Developing Potential will support you in motivating your people through sharing with them just what it takes to be a high and consistent performer. We focus on understanding and exploring their personal agenda, ensuring they make the commitment to take action for a step change in performance.

Darren Campbell, Olympic Gold Medalist and one of our inspirational speakers and facilitators

The programme begins with a story from one of our inspirational Olympian speakers to open the minds of delegates to new possibilities. Unlike more traditional approaches with speakers we don’t stop there, we share specific skills and tools of these high achievers to help individuals enhance their performance and enjoyment in work and life.

We can deliver this as an inspirational one-day event for audiences large or small, as part of a conference you may be running or to launch a longer term development programme. Olympians and many other high achievers build a support team around them and we also provide follow up engagements that build on the initial work done, including further events, workshops and one to one coaching to continue to grow and sustain high performance.

We will work closely with you to understand your individual needs and tailor our engagement accordingly.

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Following an inspiration event run for sixty five members of the Pearson work based learning team, Trevor Luker, their Managing Director said,

“Over many years in leading teams I have worked with a number of training and development organisations.  What particularly impresses me about Developing Potential is their style and the manner in which they discussed how the event would run.  From start to finish it was very high energy, very collaborative, very well structured and we achieved our ambitions and objectives”.


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