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How to implement cultural change

The first step is to establish the existing culture of a school and then determine what outcome is desired before creating a long term strategic plan of action.

In our experience the initial phase is to discuss and agree a bespoke plan with the headteacher and senior leadership team.

In the new world of high performing cultures hierarchies are disregarded, with everyone participating as part of a team by living a shared vision and values.


How to develop leadership capability

The first step is to identify current leadership styles. 

Then to agree a new way of working which enables

everyone to take personal responsibility and deliver the

desired outcomes for the school.

A large part of creating change is to develop relationships

that are underpinned by mutually agreed values. 

One of the most important steps is for every individual in the school to take responsibility for their personal leadership. 

We deliver this through a combination of

workshops, seminars, inset days and one to one coaching. 

This needs to include SLT, middle leaders, staff and students.

Students in a Science Class

Coaching is the 'how to'

of implementation

The first step is to understand the ethos and practice of coaching. The coaching methodology applies to all aspects

of school life. It's a way of being and doing. It needs to be integrated into all areas. From day to day conversations

through to pedagogy, performance management, CPD and school policy.

We introduce coaching in stages. It is important that coaching is modelled by the headteacher and senior leadership team in order for it to be successfully introduced to the rest of the school community.

For coaching to become the default position interventions need to be made with middle leaders, support staff and students.

This can be delivered through a combination of workshops, seminars, inset days and one to one coaching. 


How to empower children

and enable them to excel.

The Successful Lives Programme

In order for children to be effective learners it's important

to start with fundamental skills and attitudes.

Growth mindset, resilience and coaching form the

curriculum to deliver this objective.

This can be introduced at specific key stages however, incorporating this programme across the school to

all students is ideal.

In our own experience, the best way to learn is to teach,

and by running this programme teachers will increase

their understanding of these vital skills and

enhance their own pedagogy. 

This can be delivered simply through the purchase of our

materials which include detailed lesson guidance. However our recommendation is for teaching staff to be fully trained and

then apply in the classroom.

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