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We collaborate with schools to

create high performing cultures

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Cultural Change

There is no 'right' culture. A high performing school culture is created with vision and values turned into everyday behaviours.

One key criteria is moving everyone firstly from dependence

to independence and then onto interdependence.

It is also underpinned by growth mindset,

resilience and coaching.

To achieve the desired outcome it is necessary to design a bespoke plan for your individual school.

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Science Courses


Leadership is an act not a position.

It's most important function is to develop

positive relationships, create trust and motivate.

This happens before any strategic planning and action 

can take place.

A good question to ask a leader is if their staff had a choice would they follow them?


Coaching is often misunderstood. It is performer centred and performance focused not about persuading people to your point of view. It is about talking and listening to an individual with the intention of helping them make progress by being on their agenda and not offering immediate solutions.

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Successful Lives

Engage   Empower   Excel

Our passion is to help young people develop the skills and behaviours they will need for successful lives.

The current rigid exam system has encouraged rote learning which doesn't prepare children for the challenges of the 21st century. In order to address this situation, in collaboration

with many teachers we have written a programme designed

to engage, empower and enable young people to excel

in all they choose to do. 

The programme includes primary and secondary level resources in coaching, resilience and growth mindset.

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